Maverick Moses is a Texas-based author of dark fantasy and horror novels. He is a lover of country and punk rock music, lucid dreaming, and writing all the unique dream-inspired stories he has swirling around his mind.

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The first of a twisted urban fantasy trilogy, Karma’s Children: Discovery is wrought with hidden desires, evil in disguise, and action-packed mystery—perfect for fans of Kendare Blake and Kim Chance.

After a tragic accident leaves a fellow high school student dead, Krista, Klause, and Kevin Atwood find themselves linked to each other, and entangled in a mysterious force that threatens the lives of those around them. 

Their mother, the physical embodiment of Karma, herself, has no idea what’s happening to her children—which leaves Krista, Klause, and Kevin alone to discover the purpose of their potentially sinister birthright.

Now, thrust into the gray area of a world that seems black and white on the surface, the children struggle to figure out the true nature of their dangerous new abilities, while getting pulled by two opposing forces hoping to corrupt their hearts and guide them against the other.

Will the Atwood siblings figure out how to control their powers before anyone else gets hurt? Or will they become corrupted by the darkness of their newfound abilities?

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"This book is a page-turner!... I would guess where the story was headed but was often wrong. The story weaves together complicated plot twists, but when you fit those pieces together the story makes sense. I love this book! I look forward to the next book!"

goodreads reviewer

"I love originality! It gave me some Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children vibes because of its intensity, level of darkness, and the richness of an unusual story. It is action-packed and has a retro feel to the tone of the story and characters."

goodreads reviewer

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