My Expectations

My dad is actually the one who discovered this program and after he told me about it, I was flooded with different emotions. I was incredibly scared and worried. Worried that the intense stress that would befall me would worsen my Trichotillomania (a form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder that makes me compulsively pull out my hair) and I'd go bald again.

But something stopped me from disregarding the idea. Something deep inside of me screamed at me to take the leap. I had always enjoyed working with kids back when I was a swim instructor. And I had been wanting to immerse myself in a different language and culture for years but had never seriously pursued it out of fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of the hardships. Fear of the absolute newness. But I was starting to feel trapped in my bubble at home and knew I needed something to burst it.

So I took the leap of faith that voice told me about and applied.

I was a nervous wreck for months awaiting the news of if I got the placement or not. Because even after I applied, an internal battle was waging within me. A war between the fear stopping me from going and the hope urging me to go for it. But the moment I got that acceptance email, everything changed. Suddenly the thought of moving my life across the world became a real possibility and the pure joy and excitement overshadowed the doubt.

I took a course to become a certified English teacher and earned my 60-Hour Educator Certificate. I knew this wasn't necessary to doing the program, but I also knew that this teaching knowledge would help alleviate some of the worries I was having. Mainly, lacking in the ability to break down and explain something that came so natural to me.

Through this course, I was able to learn a lot about how I could approach being an English teacher.

I honestly had no real idea of what to expect with becoming a Language and Culture Assistant in Spain. I had read so many different articles and blog posts from past LA's, with a multitude of varied experiences, and so I didn't know who to believe, or what would actually come my way.

So instead of coming into the program with specific expectations of what I would be doing as a Language Assistant, I decided instead to simply come with an open mind, and welcome every single thing thrown at me, whether it be perceived as good or bad.